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Online universities give you the knowledge and training you need to move your career forward. Degree programs range from two to four years in length. Because online students don't have to quit their full-time jobs while in school, they are able to gain a degree and invaluable work experience simultaneously. The first step toward earning an online degree is learning more. Classes and Careers lets you browse thousands of online degrees and contact schools for more information. Welcome to the first step toward your next degree...

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Degree Speak exists to connect working professionals with colleges and universities. We work with hundreds of schools offering thousands of degrees that will give students an advantage in the workplace, and open doors in their careers. Our Career School Reviews are a unique and valuable resource for you to discover what students have been saying about the schools on our site. If you have attended any of the schools listed, please add an account of your experience to what everyone else has been saying. If you have any questions about the world of career education, please visit our resources section which we are constantly improving.

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One of Degree Speak defining points is our constant effort to improve the quality of the services that we provide. To achieve this task, we continually work to enlist the participation of high quality academic institutions, and we revise the content and functionality of our website to coincide with the needs of our users. To ensure that we promote a choice group of post-secondary institutions, and to optimize the value of our users' experiences, we invite both schools and students to contact us below.

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