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More and more of the best jobs require a strong educational background for career advancement. The good news is, you can earn your bachelor's degree online and get the credentials you need without disrupting your life (or your checking account).

Getting a Bachelor's Degree Online

Accredited online bachelor's degree programs are available in a wide variety of subjects and specialties, and with distance learning, your education fits into your schedule. And with an average salary of over $48,000 per year, bachelor's degree holders are on the right track for career success.

Fast Facts: Bachelor Degree

Do You Need an Online Bachelor's Degree?

Online college degrees are perfect for people who:

  • Need to meet basic requirements for a salaried, professional job
  • Want to build a solid foundation for career advancement
  • Are willing to spend more time in school in exchange for higher salary potential
  • Require a flexible class schedule
  • Want to qualify for a promotion or raise in their current job
  • Are considering a career change but can't take a pay cut

Who Else Needs an Online Bachelor's Degree?

  • Recent high school grads who have to work full-time
  • Anyone who went from high school directly into the workforce and now wants to move up in the world
  • Associate's degree holders who are ready to expand their career options
  • Technical specialists or skilled-labor professionals who want to become managers
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