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It's time for you to take a leadership role at your job, or explore a specialized field or industry, consider earning your master's degree online. From MBAs to degrees in teaching or nursing, your options for an advanced degree are nearly limitless.

Benefits of the Online Master's Degree

With the convenience of an online master's degree program, you can take that next step without starting your life over from scratch. Depending on your field, an online master's degree program can increase your earning capacity by nearly $10,000 per year.

Fast Facts: Master Degree

Should I Get an Online Master's Degree?

If you're on your way up the career ladder, an online master's degree will give you a huge boost. These advanced degrees are designed for people who:

  • Want to specialize in a particular field
  • Are willing to spend more time in school in order to advance their careers
  • Possess intellectual curiosity and a commitment to learning
  • Seek managerial and leadership positions in their field
  • Can combine the degree with experience to move into a new career

Who Might Need an Online Master's Degree?

  • Someone who wants to move into senior management at their company
  • A teacher who wants to become a principal
  • A businessperson who wants to become a consultant or entrepreneur
  • Anyone aspiring to an upper-level job in government, academia or the nonprofit world
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