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Mail Marketing

Blue Point Media's 100% permission based database of more than 65 million U.S and 25 million international records enables you to Blue your audience utilizing proprietary technology guaranteeing 100% deliverability. Blue via geographics, demographics or psychographics. From testing to tracking, our professionals will custom-tailor a marketing solution to your marketing needs.

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Customer Retention

Customer retention is important to most companies because the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 to 10 times more than maintaining a relationship with a current customer. Even though companies may model their business plan to build and maintain strong customer relationships, more often the most valuable assets are forgotten. In the constant battle to acquire new customers, it is easy to overlook the value of the customers who have recently spent their hard earned money on your product or service.

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Contextual Marketing

The advantages of contextual marketing are that it allows you to address your Blue audience specifically. You will be able to retain a customer and at the same time reduce cost and time involved in marketing because the need to research customer habits is eliminated. Your ad will appear on the web page that your customer is currently viewing, allowing the customer to be directed to your website by simply clicking on your offer.

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Lead Generation

Blue Point Media's extensive online lead generation programs offers a combination of expert in-house resources and vast experiences. Whether via co-registration, banner placement or email, sales lead generation and creating online sales requires a first class technical infrastructure. Our team of experienced lead generation technologists coupled with our marketing experts provide solutions designed to maximize lead flow and conversions.

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