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Teacher's Aides and Interns

Help teachers do what they do best. Teacher's Aides and Interns play a vital role in assisting teachers as they expand the educational and emotional development of young people. Teacher's Aides and Interns help teach students and organize classroom activities, as well as complete much of the teacher's clerical work. Aides and Interns keep records, organize teaching material and fill in for the teacher.
With a degree in Teacher's Aides and Interns, you can get your intern certificate or get your associate's degree in paraprofessional education or teacher's aide.

Teacher's Aides and Interns Career Outlook

Job opportunities for Teacher's Aides and Interns is expected to increase as fast as average during the next decade. Those with some college education will be more desirable to employers.
People with Teacher's Aide and Intern degrees work as:Teacher's aides, teacher's interns, teacher's assistants, lunchroom attendant, recess attendant, and special education instructor.

Teacher's Aides and Interns Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Employers prefer people with some college education. Employers look for people with good interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. They must be able to perform clerical duties as well as instruct students. People with Teacher's Aides and Interns degrees must be good role models, leaders and caregivers. The best Teacher's Aides and Interns know how to work in a multicultural classroom and use technology as a teaching aid.

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